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Since 2010, DNA has helped develop and grow over 1,000 web-based businesses of all sizes, and connected entrepreneurs, students, and investors across 6 continents.

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The Leader in E-Learning for Entrepreneurs

DNA was developed in 2010 to be the premiere business education portal and personal accelerator platform for students who seek to find remote work opportunities, offer freelance services globally, and develop their concepts for web-based businesses. We have served over 2,500 small business owners and entrepreneurs with online training courses, live workshops, in-depth case studies, and business development coaching, and for 7 years our team has delivered dozens of workshops, retreats, and training events across 4 continents.

  • Intro to Business Fundamentals 101 Guide
  • 90+ Hours of Expert Interviews & In-depth Case Studies
  • 6-Module Business Development & Iteration Course
  • Nomad Destination Guides & Travel Hacks Wiki
  • Entrepreneurial Toolbox with $1000s in Exclusive Discounts
  • Supplementary Website Setup video tutorials
  • Members-Only Forum & Facebook Group

Transforming Lives Since 2010

  • Timothy Juliussen

    Father, Veteran, Small Business Owner

"I have to tell you, you have opened my eyes to what is possible and our life will never be the same again. I now have a strong foundation and am concentrating on what I believe will be some monumental wins in the next year. When I started out, the online business world seemed like a murky, incongruent, frustrating mess. Now, I can see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel."

  • Lillian Pierson

    Mother, Big Data Scientist & Author

"I am so grateful for Digital Nomad Academy. I should tell you that I have been planning this a long time... trying to figure it all out on my own, but finding DNA gave me the courage to help me feel safe enough to pull the trigger and get out on my own 100%. I am still a bit nervous, but I know that the time has come. I am supremely grateful for the guidance and community you created through DNA."

"You changed my life in a huge way."

A message from alumni Josh Plotkin on the Amazon River in Brazil:

The #1 Network for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Digital Nomad Academy is the most comprehensive resource that will help you launch your own successful internet-based micro-business in the next 3 months.

Access a Global Network of Mentors

Goal-Setting Roadmap & Accelerator

Personal & Business Development Framework

40+ Business Model Case Studies

Results that Speak for Themselves

"I’m proud to announce my startup has just raised money to help us build out our team and grow to a global audience! I can’t thank you enough Cody for hosting the event that enabled those VC intros!"

"I've started a new business, learned web design and designed 7 new business sites — awesome! Working on my own blog very soon, giving credit to yourself as a final push of inspiration to take the final leap."

"Since our last call, I’ve been really productive — I’ve finished 2 separate projects in the last week and a half, and I just locked down another $6,000 job too!"

"I just signed a new client for the new package which is 3x the price of anything I've ever done. It's $9,000. This just totally pivoted my business."


I would love to say that I made this happen, that my hard work made this happen, and yeah in a way it did, but I would have to be completely arrogant to say it like that.

I have done pretty amazing things, yes, but the credit goes to all those amazing friends I’ve made since I started participating in Digital Nomad Academy thanks to Cody back in January 2012."

"I am incredibly thankful for the DNA community.

Three months ago, I secured an online position through DNA, and it is going phenomenally well, and starting this month will be enough to sustain my travel lifestyle. 20 minutes ago I bought a one-way ticket to Granada, Nicaragua for 10 bucks and a bunch of United points. It will be my first ever business-class flight, by the way.

I picked Granada because my friend lives there, who I met through a DNA Mastermind group, and she is providing an incredibly 'soft' landing for me. Thank you for existing, and for being present, Cody and the DNA Community, and for being my support system and launching pad. YOU ROCK!"

"If there's one big thing I got out of this — I got a couple new frameworks to deal with other things in my life outside of business. . . I made some new friendships, and I launched a product!"

"I have my first client… I also have my first affiliate marketing product! … My husband is understandably nervous about my crazy plan. So when I said I wanted to quit in August, he nominated August 31 as the day I quit. … So we’re going to hit Chiang Mai in September, in time for my birthday!"

  • Emelina Minero

    Assistant Editor, Edutopia

"The Digital Nomad Academy is amazing. Cody is an inspiring entrepreneur, writer, and world traveler who has helped me a ton with pursuing my passions. A great person to follow, especially if you want to enter into the blogging world, start your own business and lead an unconventional life where you're following your passions and are your own boss."

"I spent six months learning and trying different ways to make money online. However…it was immediately clear that Digital Nomad Academy was the missing piece of the puzzle… and as a result of some of the conversations I had with people from DNA, I actually started two businesses and have even found clients through some of those connections. …If you want to start an online business, become location independent and travel the world, Cody and the DNA will give you the tools and resources you need to make it happen."

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We’ve trained over 2,500 students across six continents how to get started building their web presence, monetize their knowledge and provide services and products online, create web-based businesses that they can operate from their laptops, and implement virtual and remote technologies so they can live, work, and run teams anywhere in the world.


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