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My Mission with the HERO Project

I am guided by a vision of a new blueprint for meaningful living for a generation of powerful creatives and entrepreneurs who are not being served by the current education and work paradigm.

We're reconnecting with the most powerful archetypal stories that have been passed down from generation to generation over eons and across cultures, providing a curated path for your access to this wisdom from the ancient stoic philosophers and across the great religions of the world – venerable truths that are even now being shared by modern clinical psychologists and the most accomplished entrepreneurs on today’s Forbes list.

The HERO Project is here to obliterate the false myths about failure and success, to shed light on what it means to be truly self-actualized, and to distill a time-tested roadmap for courageous souls who seek to pursue personal mastery.

–Cody McKibben

Discover the Powerful Map that Points the Way to:

"Cody is a leader. He is a man amongst boys.

Scott Crosby, 40 at 70

"Cody McKibben is an inspiring entrepreneur, world traveler, and blogger who has helped me a ton with pursuing my passions. A great person to follow, especially if you want to start your own business and lead an unconventional life where you're following your passions and are your own boss.

Emelina MineroEdutopia

"Cody is a superhero. His excitement to share his wisdom about business and life helped me break through obstacles again and again over the past 4 months. If you want to escape your false constraints and live life on your own terms, you'd do well to listen to him.

Zach ObrontBook In A Box

What Does It Mean to Be a Real-Life Hero?

"In times of radical uncertainty, it’s necessary that the Hero be born.

Because the Hero is the person who doesn’t deal with something specific, the Hero is the person that deals with Uncertainty itself. And that’s the Great Dragon of Chaos.

…What’s necessary is for the individual to become prepared for anything and everything, and the way that you do that is by developing your character."

–Dr. Jordan Peterson, University of Toronto professor of psychology

When you undertake YOUR Hero’s Journey, you will be in the company of countless legendary peers.

Luke Skywalker learned to harness the mystical power of the Force to destroy the menacing Death Star (twice!). The knight Sir Galahad attained the Holy Grail. Neo escaped the Matrix. Saint George slew the dragon. Indiana Jones outwitted the Nazis. Frodo and Samwise saved Middle Earth.

Odysseus fought through trials and tribulations for ten years after the Trojan War to make his way home to his wife and rightfully retake the throne.

We were all born Kings and Queens, but we must reclaim the power and authority that is rightfully ours to take charge of this magical life and sculpt it into something beautiful.

But what does it truly mean to be a real-life, modern hero? As the Buddha observed, the REAL enemy who every great hero must defeat is oneself, and all of humanity's greatest myths are really metaphors for this (often painful) process of self-overcoming.

"A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle."


Every Journey Begins with a Single Step…

From Homer’s ancient Odyssey epic, to the Star Wars galaxy, and The Matrix trilogy, the "Hero's Journey" charts the stages and trials that the average Joe must face in order to discover his greatest self and share his heroic gifts with the world. It is the recurring story of those who choose to pursue greatness, of those who struggle to make the world a better place, the greatest story ever told, a story older than time.

The hero starts out as an ordinary person in the ordinary world, and receives a call to adventure. If he accepts the call, he must face internal and external trials, sometimes alone and sometimes with help from a guide…

These trials, if our fair hero can navigate them successfully, transform him or her for the better. In the end, the hero must return to the "normal world" to share their unique gifts with others, often facing life-threatening obstacles along the way.

The HERO Project will grow into a 12-month online personal development course based around the Hero's Journey monomyth developed by the late great American mythologist Joseph Campbell, and the scholarly work of many others in the fields of psychology, philosophy, psychiatry, etc. — translated from the highly academic into an entertaining and motivating personal growth game.

This learning framework will help you develop your mental toughness, transform your habits, enhance your wellbeing, improve your invaluable relationships, and expand your inner power to increase your wealth, your vision, creativity, and freedom.

You'll be amazed at your ability to level up as you familiarize yourself with this timeless and transformative cycle of growth — a powerful framework which will equip you with the resources necessary to overcome great challenges and attain bigger goals you may have never thought possible.

The hero is the person who is not afraid to confront their own inner demons, to explore the world of the Unknown, discover hidden power and talents, slay dragons, and eventually return to their regular day-to-day life to help lead their community towards a better future. By wisely capitalizing on your unique strengths and courageously accepting responsibility for your weaknesses, you will begin to develop more order in your own personal life, and thereby expand your sphere of influence enough to be of exceptional value to the people around you.

As you increasingly expand your circle of influence, you can become an invaluable force in your family, your community, and eventually in the world.

"I tried to change the world and I could not. I tried to change the city where I live, and without success. Finally I tried to change my neighborhood, also without success. Until I concluded: I changed myself and my light will change others around me…. "

–Rabbi Yisroel Salanter

Introducing: The HERO Society

We host inspiring experts for exclusive interviews, we run transformative training and MasterMind groups, build and nurture supportive communities, run educational events, and plan EPIC parties!
Together, we make magic happen.

What You'll Get:

Exclusive Invites to Regular In-Person Events

The HERO Society is a private social club for entrepreneurs, creatives, artists and nomadic souls around the globe. We host regular mixers, private dinners, philosophical salons, cookouts and beach festivals — so far in the USA, Europe, Asia and South America. You'll get lifetime invites to our free members-only events, plus receive earlybird discount rates on all our paid retreats and MasterMind groups. Upcoming events in Thailand, California & Costa Rica.

Insider-Only Emails and Video Updates

Get regular updates packed with motivation, wisdom, mindfulness tips, discipline exercises, and frequent freebies and discounts on tools and resources to help get your life in heroic order. Plus get a front row seat to watch Cody write his upcoming book Chasing the Sun, follow his travels around the world and monthly personal growth challenges with insider video updates direct from Cody each week, custom created around members of the HERO Project.

12 Months of Course Material & Workshops

Over the course of the next year, we will unveil a holistic framework for self-improvement and optimal living, custom-tailored and sculpted personally around YOU and other members! Each month, you'll get fresh new content and resources tackling how to optimize each of the five biggest pillar areas of your life — Mindset, Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Freedom — as well as exclusive interviews, webinars, and workshops with guest experts in business, fitness, love, psychology, travel, etc., and occasional 30-day challenges & minicourses to help you through your Hero's Journey cycle.

A Private Global Network of 430+ Heroes

If you hope to remain dedicated to your cause and see it through to completion, then you need allies. HERO Project members are never alone in their pursuit of freedom and purpose. Our private member forums and Facebook group give you direct access to Cody's personal rolodex — an exclusive circle of high-level entrepreneurs, freedom artists, and visionary creators around the globe — the most legendary heroes he's met on his travels through 30+ countries! You’ll have hundreds of supportive peers from all over the world guiding you to succeed, keeping you accountable, and sharing in your challenges and successes.

And get new lessons, videos & curated resources each month…

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My Story


Mid-life crisis…

Quarter-life crisis!

The rollercoaster of failure and success…

Spiritual growth…

The Dark Night of the Soul…

The transformational, usually painful, process of human development is known by many names.

The late psychiatrist M. Scott Peck would simply call it “growing up”.

I’ve been through all of it.

I am first and foremost a father. But I’ve been an artist, photographer, designer, writer, entrepreneur, short film maker, and spiritual seeker for over 15 years.

After years investigating anthropology and ancient history, then deconstructing success as an undercover Gonzo researcher among an internationalized, mobile new class of “nomadic” entrepreneurs, multimillionaire mentors, artists and creatives on four continents, and spent the last six years helping over 1,000 clients start side hustles, quit their jobs, build businesses, get more in alignment with their true values, and sometimes move halfway around the globe.

My unusual fascinations have taken me across many wildly different cultures, where I have met everyone from third-world mobsters to the wealthiest man on the planet. Several lifetimes ago, I was even a Bible study teacher (I don't know who let me, after being arrested twice!) I've stared down the barrel of a gun, I've played the role of the fool, the victim, the arch-nemesis, the hero, and the teacher, and I’m grateful I came out alive.

I've learned a tremendous amount from the entrepreneurial rollercoaster of emotions, and from my years of travels around the world and living far away from my native country. Now as a father and happy family man, I''ve got my act much more together and devoted myself to devising strong foundational systems for living, and I'm finally putting my university degree in Humanities and Religious Studies to use as I develop a new learning framework from the work of intellectual giants like Joseph Campbell, M. Scott Peck, Jordan Peterson, and more.

My forthcoming book Chasing the Sun will illuminate the danger-ridden path of personal transformation, illustrated through archetypal stories passed down through the ages, and my own embarrassing misadventures traveling across 35 countries.

I remain a lifelong student, and The HERO Project is where I sit at the feet of the Masters, and share what I learn with you.

Above all, I am on a mission to remind you:

YOU are the HERO of your own story, and YOU alone hold the power to transform your entire world — for better or for worse. 

It’s your choice.

Each one of us is on our own Hero's Journey. We're all the protagonists of our own "movie". But only after your story unfolds will we see if it is a story worth telling…

Time to be a Hero!

–Cody McKibben

Join Us!

Dragons We Will Slay Together in the Year Ahead:

Each month you'll receive new lessons, exercises, and insights on subjects including:

  • Conquering fears and self-doubts
  • Beating depression and negativity
  • Overcoming procrastination and The Resistance
  • Turning challenges into opportunities
  • Taking responsibility and self-reliance skills
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Morning routines & healthy daily habits
  • Fitness, diet and exercise
  • Dealing with "impostor syndrome"
  • Coping with setbacks, failures & challenges
  • Spiritual development
  • Death, loss, and rebirth
  • Rewriting disempowering “programming”
  • Escaping wage slavery
  • Developing marketable skills
  • Location-independent income streams
  • Accelerated learning
  • Addiction and self-destructive behaviors
  • The habit change process
  • Goal-setting and decision-making
  • Understanding your core strengths
  • Productivity and time management
  • Taming the Monkey Mind
  • Mentorship and MasterMind groups
  • Maintaining confidence and motivation
  • Yoga practice and martial arts
  • Sleep optimization
  • Systematizing your life and business
  • Relationships and dating challenges
  • Setting boundaries
  • Parenthood and family life
  • Intuitive leadership skills
  • Meeting people and networking
  • Cross-cultural communication
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We can't do it for you, but we are here to support you through your journey and equip you with the tools to succeed.

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