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Digital Nomad Academy is the most comprehensive resource that will help you launch your own successful web-based lifestyle business in the next 3 months. Join forces with a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will support and hold you accountable as you create and grow your location-independent income streams!

Just Some of What You Will Get:

  • Over 85 Hours of Expert Interviews and Content

    With your Digital Nomad Academy PRO membership, you can immediately access the complete DNA Library archives — with over 80 hours of in-depth, expert interviews, Q&A calls, and exclusive audio recordings with dozens and dozens of exceptional, experienced entrepreneurial and marketing experts. This comprehensive online library covers nearly every aspect of online business you can imagine! Learning directly from our team of nomadic business experts is just the rocket fuel you need to get started in the right direction.

  • Intro to Business Fundamentals 101 Course

    If you’re brand new to business, the DNA Foundations Course will help you get into the entrepreneur mindset, create the perfect work environment for productivity and success, set your goals with our 1-Year Roadmap exercise, and learn how to make the most of your time, money, and energy as you take the first steps toward creating your own location-independent business. I also share my nomadic toolbox and fresh updates over email about the latest resources and tools for entrepreneurs.

  • Private Facebook Group

    We know that building your online business in isolation is a struggle and a motivation killer. So our Secret Facebook Group is another platform we provide where you can turn to others with your questions anytime you need to, share and find great resources, and easily connect with new friends around the world. It’s also a perfect spot to round up a few fellow members for a regular MasterMind group to get your business rolling, or organize a local meetup in your region to strengthen new connections.

  • Access to a Global Network of Entrepreneurs

    Digital Nomad Academy puts you right in the heart of a network of hustling, aspiring lifestyle business owners just like you, and access to my rolodex of experienced entrepreneurs, nomads, and niche experts. If you’re stuck in entrepreneurial isolation or feel that none of your friends or family understand the challenges you face, inside DNA you already have a support network of well over 600 ambitious allies on 6 continents who can make for great travel buddies and even potential business partners!

  • Answers to Your Questions When You Need Them

    Our Private Member-Only Forums represent a thriving community of like-minded people around the world, and offer a safe place where you can bounce ideas off others, get valuable feedback, advice, and accountability when it comes to your business… even find help completing your goals. Come find the support and the perspective you need, and learn from the mistakes and successes of others! Every question will be answered, and support will always be there when you need it most.

  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts for Members

    As a member you’ll also gain exclusive, instant access to well over $700 worth of complimentary courses, free resources, credit for online service providers, and discounted online tools that many of us rely on when building our web-based businesses. If you need domain names, web hosting, software, marketing tools, PPC advertising, even free access to AppSumo and Udemy courses, and travel deals, always check here first to save yourself some precious cash and stay within your budget. Plus, DNA students receive a generous discount on all our Heroic Escape entrepreneur retreats, from $250 – $500 OFF the standard prices.

I am incredibly thankful for the Digital Nomad Academy community.

3 months ago, I secured a remote online job through DNA, and it is going phenomenally well, and starting this month will be enough to sustain my travel lifestyle. 20 minutes ago I bought a one-way ticket to Granada, Nicaragua for 10 bucks and a bunch of United points. It will be my first ever business-class flight.

I picked Granada because my friend lives there, who I met through a DNA Mastermind group, and she is providing an incredibly 'soft' landing for me. Thank you for existing, and for being present, Cody and the DNA Community, and for being my support system and launching pad. YOU ROCK!

Samantha Alvarez
Samantha Alvarez

Helping Make Success Stories Since 2010

working location independent
cruising the DNA Forums on the beach in the Philippines

Digital Nomad Academy is a private online community and course where YOU can learn how to become a digital nomad.

Digital Nomad Academy was established for people who want to take more control of their lives and create their own home businesses they can run from anywhere leveraging the internet – offering you an introduction to basic business fundamentals, how to brainstorm business ideas, identify the good ones, and the how to build a business on the web – and actually get started on the path to becoming a location-independent entrepreneur.

It’s THE central hub training people to create a successful mobile lifestyle business.

Our focus is on learning from the best and the brightest who have earned their chops creating their own small businesses that enable them to live the lifestyle they want.

Inside, you’ll learn all the basics of how to create an online business from scratch in the course material.

You won’t just get vague details – we’ll teach you the SPECIFIC action steps you need to take to start your business from scratch. We’ll take you by the hand and get you to where you need to be.

But the REAL value of Digital Nomad Academy lies in the connections you’ll make.

Inside DNA you’ll build genuine connections with successful experts who have built a wide variety of business-models on the internet. Their advice is tested and proven to work in the real world.

You can use my network from around the globe to get in touch with some of the top business minds in the world, to basically give you a six-year head start, that I had to earn the hard way.

Digital Nomad Academy brings together some of the most successful digital nomads, location independent business owners, and lifestyle designers in one place, to share their stories and help teach YOU how to attain the same level of success that they have.

You can ask them questions directly and get feedback on your problems.

They offer their time and expertise to you, and if you make the most of your participation in the community you may even develop a mentorship relationship or friendships with some of them.

Plus, you can connect with HUNDREDS of fellow students who are in exactly the same situation as you are.

No matter what problem you’re currently facing, there’s always someone else out there who’s going through the same problem and can help you figure it out. You're NOT alone in your desires to live a more meaningful life, to do something different, in your struggles to quit your job, or become self-employed…

Why am I telling you all this?

I want you to experience the same success as I have, the same success MANY of my close friends have had, and the same success as our dozens and dozens of guest mentors, each with their own successful and unique online business.

Learn the Key Insights that Helped These People Launch Hugely Successful Businesses:


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Dan Andrews

Viper Chill

Glen Allsopp

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Charlie Hoehn

The Art of Charm

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John Bardos

CD Baby

Derek Sivers

Soultravelers 3

Soultravelers 3

The Professional Hobo

Nora Dunn

Virtual Freedom

Chris Ducker

Never North

Jenny Leonard

Love Play Work


Nomadic Matt


Corbett Barr

Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt

Exile Lifestyle

Colin Wright



Man Vs. Debt

Adam Baker

Fluent in 3 Months

Benny Lewis

Hack the System

Maneesh Sethi

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers

Go Backpacking

Dave Lee

The Personal MBA

Josh Kaufman

The Search Engine Shop

Brendan Tully

Location 180

Sean Ogle

Philosopher's Notes

Brian Johnson

Epic Self

Amber Zuckswert

Bunny Inc.

Jun Loayza

Globetrotter Girls


Disrupting the Rabblement

Niall Doherty

What Our Members Say:

I am so grateful for Digital Nomad Academy. I should tell you that I have been planning this a long time... trying to figure it all out on my own, but finding DNA gave me the courage to help me feel safe enough to pull the trigger and get out on my own 100%. I am still a bit nervous, but I know that the time has come. I am supremely grateful for the guidance and community you created through DNA.

Lillian Pierson
Lillian Pierson

I joined in 2011 when I knew I wanted to eventually work from Southeast Asia or South America. On the forums I met people in all stages of their location independence. Some are struggling to leave their jobs, others are hustling on the side or have quit. Some are already on the road. There’s always someone who can offer you advice because they’ve been in your shoes. If you want to reach a new milestone in your life, you should surround yourself with people who are doing the same or have reached the same goal. The community helped me change my mindset into one of a digital nomad.

André, now living in the Canary Islands
André, now living in the Canary Islands

I turned in my 2 week notice today.  A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. … next month I embark on a 3 month solo journey around the world!

Nate, Baltimore
Nate, Baltimore

I have to tell you, you have opened my eyes to what is possible and our life will never be the same again. I now have a strong foundation and am concentrating on what I believe will be some monumental wins in the next year. When I started out, the online business world seemed like a murky, incongruent, frustrating mess. Now, I can see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Tim Juliussen, Pennsylvania
Tim Juliussen, Pennsylvania

I owe so much to this for getting me to where I am today and it has introduced me to a ton of likeminded thinkers …people who are now living their dream and are happy to give their advice and share their experience. Through the forum I met one of my best friends here on Bali …

Gustaf, now slow-traveling through Asia
Gustaf, now slow-traveling through Asia

Since our last call, I’ve been really productive — I’ve finished 2 separate projects in the last week and a half, and I just locked down another $6,000 job too!

Adam Romer, New York
Adam Romer, New York

Before I moved to Thailand, I spent six months learning and trying different ways to make money online but couldn’t find something I wanted to do that would fit in with a location independent lifestyle. However…it was immediately clear that Digital Nomad Academy was the missing piece of the puzzle… and as a result of some of the conversations I had with people from DNA, I actually started two businesses and have even found clients through some of those connections. …If you want to start an online business, become location independent and travel the world, Cody and the DNA will give you the tools and resources you need to make it happen.

Tom Frearson, now living and DJing in Ibiza!
Tom Frearson, now living and DJing in Ibiza!

…the calls are awesome! My first call was with Josh Kaufman… A best selling author, I got to spend an hour with him and ask him anything I wanted! That blew my mind because I was literally in the middle of his book The Personal MBA. How much do you think his time is worth? We’ve had the opportunity to converse with people who are successfully doing what we want to do, who because Cody drugged them or something are literally telling us their secrets and giving us access to resources NOBODY has access to!

Dan, New York
Dan, New York

I have my first client… I also have my first affiliate marketing product! … My husband is understandably nervous about my crazy plan. So when I said I wanted to quit in August, he nominated August 31 as the day I quit. … So we’re going to hit Chiang Mai in September, in time for my birthday!

Barbara Adam, now in Saigon
Barbara Adam, now in Saigon

I have completed many of the steps since I joined DNA including creating a budget, starting an emergency fund and getting out of debt. I feel that I’m well on my way to becoming a digital nomad. Thank you DNA!

Jane, New York City
Jane, New York City

The friendships I’ve gotten from this community are the best. It’s way different to have friends whom you can discuss about business strategies, marketing, goals, deadlines, to keep tasks you have to do in the day and to be made accountable of everything you have to do to achieve success, than to have friends whose only interest is to go out and drink beers. Just the friendships alone are worth millions!

Rodrigo Flamenco, El Salvador
Rodrigo Flamenco, El Salvador

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